Panel Products

Special Plywood


Marine Plywood is specially constructed Plywood made with specialist tropical veneers.  It has very good weather resistance and strength properties and complies to BS1088.

Concrete use formwork - Film Faced and MDO

Plywood for use in concrete formwork is generally coated to improve wear resistance of the faces.  Coatings can be oiled (soya oil), phenolic film paper (film faced) or medium density overlay paper (MDO).  Various release agents are available for coating and cleaning the plywood to remove concrete.  With good site-practice, and a good quality release agent, the formwork plywood will have more uses.

Film Faced

Phenolic film faced plywood 2 sides has sealed edges, black matt finish and available in 12 and 18 mm.  The phenolic film paper gives a smooth finish to the concrete.  It will have a number of uses depending on how well it is looked after on the construction site and the type of release agent used.


Medium Denisty Overlay has a paper face 1 side and phenolic film reverse as balancer only. This plywood gives a rougher finish to the concrete compared to film faced plywood above. Again several uses should be possible.

Better Quality

Tradewood has built up a network consisting of mills producing good quality products.  In today's market it is important to deal with reputable suppliers who have certified products and will stand by their goods.  It is also our aim to work with suppliers who are continually changing their products to adapt with market requirements.