Our resistant range of products consists of high performance building materials which provide resistance to the key requirements of fire, moisture, heat and sound insulation in a building. Each product under the resistant brand provides high performance with a low environmental impact.

The product range includes magnesium silicate boards for use where high performance is required. The boards will not rot and can be used as an alternative to chipboard, plywood or wood-based cement particle board, where a greater dimensional stability is required.

The Boards are 'hydroscopic' which allows moisture to breathe into the boards with no detrimental effect to their integrity, and moisture to breathe out of the Boards at lower humidity levels. The boards are "Non-Nutrient" which helps to reduce or eliminate mould growth which is commonly found when using cellulose-based materials in air tight structures. To enhance this "Breathable" property, we have developed a range of VOC free paints in acrylic and natural soya resin - see our HC range of paints below.

Visit the Resistant web site at www.resistant.co.uk

Go to the Resistant web site at www.resistant.co.uk