Project Description

Let’s recycle for life.

Look around you, there is domestic waste plastic everywhere. Plastic pots, tubs, bags, film, etc. are used all the way from the kitchen to the garden. At ECO-oh! we would like to inspire you to separate such plastic waste, allowing us to recycle it ecologically into a valuable raw material and then transform this into 100% recyclable products. By doing this we can reduce the mountain of waste, provide a sustainable alternative to incineration and produce plastics that appeal to nature. This is better for the environment and for the well-being of future generations.

The Board panel is a versatile, sturdy panel with a coarse inner layer and a smooth, fine outer layer. It is an excellent alternative to wooden panels and has excellent properties for use in all types of construction applications.

Easy to handle and with an extra long life, these plastic panels have proven to be resistant to water and moisture while being splinter-proof, maintenance-free and rot-proof.
Board panels can be processed in much the same way as wood – drilling, milling and sawing. They can be connected by means of screws and connection fittings.
These plastic panels give plastic waste a second life. They fit perfectly into the ecological building materials series. An investment in sustainability and the environment.

Garden and agricultural applications such as separation walls for animals and animal cages

  • Architectural applications such as concrete formwork

  • Furniture

  • Street furniture

  • Public toilets and washbasins

  • Table tops

  • Shoring up banks

  • Yard fences

  • Publicity signs, footpath signs

  • Bottom and side panels for trailers (load floors)

  • Garden shed roofs

  • Public waste disposal bins and flower boxes

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