Project Description

Sealwise is a homogeneous material with a foam core made of closed cell PVCU and a surface of solid PVC material. Sealwise is non-toxic, Formaldehyde free, non-porous and can be used and processed using the same methods as panel products – yet offers better blade life.

However, having similar characteristics, comparable density and weight to MDF, it can be processed using the same techniques. It can be machined, cut, CNC’d, routed, profiled and edged identically to MDF. However it’s 100% waterproof and boasts 2.5 x the screw retention, being suitable for tough environments internally and externally.

The unique construction of Sealwise enables unparalleled possibilities for curves, profiles and right angles without affecting the surface integrity.


It’s a balancing act; because although critical hygiene issues are crucially important, specification can still often come down to a simple question of cost. But even when budgets are squeezed to the max, Sealwise can be proven to be the cost-effective solution.
It may not have the smallest price point initially – especially compared to inexpensive melamine faced chipboard alternatives. However, looking at the through-life cost, it’s immediately obvious that Sealwise offers vastly superior value. In fact, you could be helping authorities and organisations save £’000s which could be better allocated elsewhere when you specify Sealwise.

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  • Laboratories

  • Furniture

  • Cladding
  • Dentist Surgeries

  • Public toilets and washrooms

  • Domestic kitchens

  • National Health Services

  • Agricultural

  • Doctor Surgeries

  • Signage

  • Bacteria sensitive areas

  • Flood risk areas

  • Clean Rooms

  • Vetanery surgeries